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We make mobile application for all platformsApple , Android and Windows

We constantly keep abreast of the latest commercial and technical developments to create application that can transform the way consumers can engage with your brand.

We’re 23 digital, a digital agency focused on building disruptive mobile experience and mobile app development.

Need big ideas for your small screen? Our consultative approach will stretch you to explore creative solutions, and then reign you in meet business needs. For your software or mobile apps to succeed, you need a smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a talented mobile app development team. Good news – you’ve come to right space. We shoot for amazing, and that’s we can take you – if you’re ready.

Mobile App Strategy

It all starts with a strategic vision. From product definition and branding to technical infrastructure concepting, think of our team as your own personal start-up. 23 Digital offers a full suite of strategic offerings that can be shaped to match any project. 23 Digital specializes in Android App development, iOS app development for (iPhone and iPad) and Hybrid Mobile App development.


  • Brand & Product Strategy
  • Audience Insights
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

Mobile App Design

At Kubesyn, our design-first, build-second approach directs everything we do. Design thinking is in our DNA. We hone the tiniest user interaction details, craft addicting and engaging experiences, and push pixels to boldly go where they’ve never gone before. Beginning with a use case driven approach, we create beautiful experiences that delight customers and accelerate brands. From UX development to brand identity, 23 Digital have you covered.


  • UX Architecture & Design
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Content Development

Mobile App Development

Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? If you want it, we can build it. This is where all the hard work put in comes to life. We build best-in-class mobile apps and responsive websites that go beyond the expected. A flexible and scalable agile methodology rounds out this offering.


  • iPhone App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Windows App Development
  • Responsive HTML App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development

Mobile App Marketing

From brand messaging and initial launch planning, to user acquisition, PR, app store optimisation, enterprise adoption and more, mobile application marketing can help you stand out. If your awesome app is in the store, but no one downloads it – do you make money?

Nope. Marketing is all about getting your app noticed and downloaded. Getting your app designed and developed is like training for a marathon – a lot of work before you even begin running. Launching and then hitting the road to generate downloads, optimise users, increase revenue and build a mobile app business takes a lot of time, investment and effort.


  • Branding And Messaging, App Store Optimization
  • Launch Planning, User Acquisition strategy
  • Promotional Materials, Public Relation
  • Search, Content Marketing, Social Media & Community Management

We Build Apps with Agile Development Methodology

We use ‘Smarter Agile’ techniques to ensure that your mobile app can reach out to the right set of people, achieve a high rate of installs, shareability and retention. Agile development makes the process of developing a mobile app quick and easy. We divide each of the tasks in short milestones called sprints and assess them to bring out the best results. The process intends to simplify mobile app development, making it easier to review and revise the mobile app according to business requirements.

  • Shorter Release Time
  • Self Organised and Goal Oriented Teams
  • Ease of Design and Development
  • Adapting According to Business Requirements
  • Forecasting and Adaptation
  • Quick Changes and Updates


KubeSyn offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end Mobile App Development services. Our professional iOS and Android App Development services are integrated, and focused on delivering the solution your organisation needs.


iOS App Development

We boast 100% success in App Store approval. We have a proven track record for creating complex apps for iPhones and iPads.

Android App Development

We produce high-quality Android apps with a quick turnaround times and assured satisfaction.

Hybrid App Development

We?re masters in creating pixel-perfect user interface design, providing users with amazing experiences across all devices.


Our industry expertise can help you navigate world of mobile users. Leverage it to find mobility solutions for your business.

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On Design Thinking

We believe design thinking can help companies truly innovate. At kubesyn, we have long placed a heavy emphasis on design thinking to build the products for the many brands and companies that place their trust in us. For those unfamiliar, what we mean by design thinking is utilizing strategies that take actual user data (problems,