An Explainer Video is a short animated video of less than 2 minutes in length that explains a product or service
In an easy and engaging way. An animated explainer video is the perfect pitch, every time and will help to increase conversions

What are the benefits if you buy an explainer video?

These animated marketing videos will help to explain your business and value propositions. But not only that, they increase the average time spent on your website and most importantly increase conversions by 20 % on average.

+ Explain a product or service
+ Increases the time spent on site
+ Increases conversions.

Where does it fit into
your Video Sales Funnel?

Every type of marketing video works for different objectives, that?s why each video will fit a specific part of the Video sales Funnel. These animated marketing videos fit into the Middle of your sales funnel or MIFU (Consideration Stage) because their objective is to increase conversions.

Why Kubesyn Videos?

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How we make our explainer videos?

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